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Genomes carry genetic information. But genomes are not just abstract information: they are physically manifested as extremely long molecules that are intricately organized in the nucleus of every cell. The spatial organization of the genome is closely related to how it is accessed, regulated and activated by cellular machinery. We are an interdisciplinary group studying this profound connection between genetic (and epigenetic) information and its physical organization. Our teams includes researchers from diverse backgrounds including biology, chemical engineering, math, computer science, electrical engineering, physics and biotechnology.

Our research combines experimental and computational methods to gain a mechanistic understanding of how the genome encodes its organization and how this organization conveys biological function in various biological systems and diseases. Read more about our research here.

Lab News
  • New paper in Nucleic Acids Research: “Hypothesis-driven probabilistic modelling enables a principled perspective of genomic compartments” – read here.
  • Welcome to the lab Arkadiy Golov!
  • Lena Israitel has won the Rubenstein Fellowship – congrats Lena!
  • New preprint: “Recruitment of transcriptional effectors by Cas9 creates cis regulatory elements and demonstrates distance-dependent transcriptional regulation” – read here.
  • Aviv Zelig has completed her MSc in Data Science – congrats Aviv!
  • Anna Golberg has won the Gutwirth Fellowship – congrats Anna!
  • We have received a short-term research grant from the Rappaport Institute!
  • Haia Khoury has completed her MSc in Biomedical Science – congrats Haia!
  • New preprint: “KMD clustering: Robust generic clustering of biological data” – read here.

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E-mail: noam.kaplan@technion.ac.il